Valentine's Night at the Capitol Room

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On Thursday February 14th at 6:00 p.m. the NIU Capitol Room South of will be the setting for an event by area performance group Wooden Box Theater, inside the Holmes Student Center, as they showcase a night that will display local theatrical performers, themed fashion walks, featured vendors, hoop performance, and live music with their production of “Valentine’s Night at the Capitol Room.” It will be co-hosted by Christy Alisa, Nicole Caliendo, Robyn Byrd, Noreen Norcross, Erin Bacon, and Breanna Lynn Black. The event is the first in the group’s two part live event mini-series, “Wooden Box Theater : The New Frontier,” which continues on Saturday April 6th at Ellington’s Restaurant.

“Valentine’s Night at the Capitol Room” will feature live musical performances by Bill Leighly, Joel La Vaughn, Tee Jay Kay, Desmond Green, Francis Ryan and headlining act, Unhalfbanding (Robyn Byrd & Alfonso John Barsanti).
It will also feature a special guest appearance by Noreen Norcross of Prana Yoga Center in Geneva, IL, in her debut with Wooden Box Theater. Norcross will be speaking to the audience on the benefits of yoga and her experiences in teaching it in the area.

The evening will also see co-writer Chriisty Alisa, of the ‘My Crystal Crush’ fashion modeling website, debut a set of themed hoop performances with songs picked by co-writer Dan Sherrill. Alisa will also be featured in the fashion walks that will occur throughout the event, that will include appearances by Jacqueline Marie, Abigail Smith, Nicole Caliendo, Kimberly Jane, Michelle Marcomb, Chelsea Cooper, Stephanie Clark, Sarah Burks, Samantha Stastny, Breanna Lynn Black, Harley Quinn, Kisha Crawford, Claudia Lucia, Samantha Emmet, and Robyn Byrd.

Area vendors that will be making appearances during the event include Nicole Caliendo of “NicNac’s Nik Naks,” Heather & Matthew Rainey of Rent a Chef, and Erin Bacon of Wine Decadence & Destiny Studios. Each will have their own table for displays and available for conversations with audience members, and featured in the production itself.
The event was written and conceived by Daniel Sherrill and Christy Alisa, and was based on Sherrill’s initial tour of the venue itself. He explains, “The first time I visited the Capitol Room I was surprised and inspired that the layout and setting was perfect for the style of event that we’ve become known for, and an idea venue to begin our mini-series, due to it being just down the hall from where the second event will take place. It was then decided that this would be the best location for our group to celebrate Valentine’s night and to begin a new era of performances.”

Wooden Box Theater, as a event writing and performance team, began on stage during an edition of Open Mic at the House Cafe in July of 2006, and continues to evolve into an event directing team which has toured area venues in DeKalb and Kane County since. Their events typically feature a running story-line, along with exclusive live musical performances, fashion walks, and guest hosts, along with theatrical segments.

“Valentine’s Night at the Capitol Room” is the first show in the group’s two part event mini-series, “Wooden Box Theater : The New Frontier,” and continues on April 6th with the event, “She’s My Kind of Rain,” at Ellington’s Restaurant, which was co-written by Heather Dempsey, also inside the Holmes Student Center. Lead writer Dan Sherrill explains, “This event and the one April 6th at Ellington’s Restaurant were written and arranged together and will feature an influx of new members and performers that were added to Wooden Box Theater for our eleventh year. I am confident that this recent flurry of casting that we’ve done over the last two months has resulted in many of the area’s top talent being newly featured in our events.”

Wooden Box Theater appearing in ‘Valentine’s Night at the Capitol Room ‘ will be held Thursday, February 14th at 6:00 p.m. inside Capitol Room South located inside the Holmes Student Center at 340 Carroll AVE in DeKalb. Admission is free and open to the public.

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