Yogi Bears Family Yoga

About this event :

Think adults are the only ones who could use some quiet time or methods to unwind and destress? Imagine if we modeled these types of positive self care methods as a tool for them young. How might that help them manage: change, stress, or navigating through life in general? From home to school or just in their own little worlds…everyone deserves a time and place to, “just be”. Plus, it’s a fresh way to keep active! This class is for everyone. Especially for those who, “Don’t do yoga”. 😉

Join us for a short and sweet 45 min-an hour monthly session open to children (2-6) and family to learn a variety of fun, creative activities to practice healthy self care methods that will extend far into adulthood. Library cards are NOT required! Free to the community! Mats not required. Just wear something comfy 🙂

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Your host : Stephen Haberkorn