Yoga for EveryBODY: Free community classes

About this event :

Get a kick start on your resolutions. Whether you’re presently active or have never been a day in your life, the appeal of practicing yoga as a method towards emotional wellness, weight-loss, toning or flexibility is that anybody can do it. You do not need to be a contortionist or have a certain body type to get something from this. Come see how. You won’t regret it.
Click going on the event & register by calling
DeKalb Public Library: (815) 756-9568

Please bring mat and towel (optional) if able. Extra mats are limited. You can get one for $5 at stores like Five Below, or others in order of increasing price point from TJ Max, Target and Amazon.

Here is a brief list of potential reasons why you should come:

*Gain confidence through progress. Yoga, unlike many other types of exercise or “sports” is all about individual goals. That means it doesn’t matter what your neighbor looks like or is doing. You are allowed to have different experiences, goals and abilities that vary from day to day and person to person. That means if you’re worrying about not looking good or thinking too much about your limitations, you don’t “GET the yogas”. ­čśŤ Let your instructor decide how to help you get the most out of your class. You just focus on enjoying your “you time”.

* Begin to mobilize parts of the body that may need more attention than they’ve gotten previously. Move more efficiently…feel better and handle other exercises and life in general better

*Use low impact intervals to Improve blood flow and get begin to build some mental and physical endurance by raising heart rate with low impact exercise aka good for joints under pressure. Better heart health is you guessed it…good for every body part, and physical or mental ailment you can think of. Perfect for beginners or those looking for a mini cardio circuit without too much wear and tear on a recovery day

*Even minimal Mindfulness practice and meditation for beginners can help you make mindful choices about your health and motivate you to keep on track.

Please drink a few glasses of water throughout your day before event and don’t forget to eat a couple hours prior. Skipping meals is never the answer. Be well and see you soon!

Any questions or concerns, please message me directly Find What Moves you

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Your host : Stephen Haberkorn